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Child Vaccinations (per DoH schedule – updated November 2010)

We provide the full range of recommended vaccinations. A computer system is used to let you know when a vaccination is due.

2 months 1st dip/tet/pert/hib/polio Pediacel
1st pneumococcal Prevenar 13
3 months 2nd dip/tet/pert/hib/polio Pediacel
1st Meng C NeisVac C, Menjugate or Meningitec
4 months 3rd dip/tet/pert/hib/polio Pediacel
2nd pneumococcal Prevenar 13
2nd Meng C NeisVac C, Menjugate or Meningitec
12 months hib/men c booster Menitorix
pneumococcal booster Prevenar 13
MMR Priorix, MMR II or M-M-Rvax Pro
40 – 60 months dip/tet/pert/polio Repevax or Infanvix IPV
MMR booster Priorix, MMR II or M-M-Rvax Pro
13 – 18 years dip/tet/pol booster Revaxis
In addition, childhood vaccinations may be given for specific medical conditions or for travel purposes. These include:
Hepatitis A
Hepatitis B
Twinrix Hep A&B
Pneumovax II
Pneumococcal PPV
Fluarix (for influenza)

Other vaccinations

Our practice nurses will advise and administer routine adult vaccinations.

Travel vaccinations

For a lot of foreign travel, additional protection is highly recommended. Please come in good time and tell us your travel details. Where there are several destinations or a complex itinerary we advise that you book an appointment to see the nurse as soon as possible or at least 3-4 months before your intended departure. We will examine your records and let you know what is advisable for your intended destination, as we would like you to return from your trip in the best possible health. There may be a charge for holiday vaccinations and the list of such charges is on display in the surgery.

If you require a travel appointment to discuss vaccinations please print the form below and either

hand it in to reception;

or post it to us for the attention of the practice nurse;

Please click here to download the Pre Travel Risk Assesment form

Once we have received your travel assessment form, a nurse will review the information and contact you to arrange a nurse appointment for the vaccinations if deemed necessary.